Are Bert and Ernie Really Gay?

by Mucho Groucho

A Gay Rights activist is pushing for Sesame Street to “out” Bert and Ernie as a homosexual couple. There are already 5000 signatures on the petition of his website of people who favor having them marry. Mayor Bloomberg can reside over their marriage. “I now pronounce you: Mu ppets (muh-pets).” Maybe Elton John can play “here come the…grooms?” on piano.
How would I explain this to my five year old and how do I explain the, “families with two mommies and daddies” as presented on a Sesame Street episode by none other than Elmo? “Ask your mother?” “Just Google it?”

I have deep doubts that Bert and Ernie are gay. They are what Sesame Street reps describe as best friends. They are also room-mates and perhaps like Felix and Oscar of the “Odd Couple” they are divorced muppets who like me, are trying to put the pieces of their lives back together. No, I don’t think that’s the case either. But to even imply that they are gay is insulting. Big Bird maybe but not Bert and Ernie.

With the political correctness police patrolling our lives, anyone who protests this push to label our dear muppet friends as gay will be deemed as “haters.” So speaking out against this in an attempt to protect the innocence of our children will result in a Scarlett “H” for homophobe. When did furthering an agenda (dare I say it) become more important than our own choice in dealing with these issues with our kids? Can we wait until we feel they are ready or at least out of diapers? “How dare you!! You homophobe!” “You hater”. On the contrary; I am a hater hater. I hate haters. I just don’t like to be bullied by a furry red muppet and by those controlling poor Elmo and those bullying their way into my living room and into my child’s psyche. If my kids can’t watch Sesame Street anymore what’s left for them to watch?

Children’s Television should be just that, programming for children. I will be writing to my congressman Barney Frank about this. You can count on that!

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  • dshenck
    August 13, 2011 - 2:28 AM | Permalink

    Seriously? They want to sexualize Muppets? What’s next? Might we question their religous beliefs and practices? Nationality? Political affiliations? Let’s let our kids be kids. Two mommies, two daddies, six of one half a dozen of the other. We behave as though it is the children who want to know who is cohabitating with whom and for what purpose, when it’s our own agenda that is driving these questions. Our economy is in tatters, we’re still trying to police the world by interfering where we don’t belong, we remain daunted by sex because it is so shameful and nasty and even more shameful and nasty if it is of the “wrong” kind or between the “wrong” people, when it is so often our straight as an arrow, anti gay, conervative politicians who get caught with their “hands” in the wrong “cookie jar”. I say “Leave Bert and Ernie Alone! What goes on between Consenting Adult Muppets is None of Our Business!

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