The Orgin of the Word “Hippopotamus”

By Michael Cohen aka Mucho Groucho

In Egypt lived a Pharoah
Whose thoughts were very narrow
But his frame was the largest in the land.
The king’s name was Potomus. Pharaoh Potomus the Third,
And he ruled Egypt with a weighty, iron hand.

His servants call him fatty. Pharaoh Fatty The Third,
But never to his face, they haven’t got the nerve.

One day his cook was fishing
For Pharaoh’s dinner meal,
The fishermen got sea sick
On some day old, mauraee eel.

So the cook grabbed the fishing pole,
And he looked outside the boat,
Larger than the eye could see,
He saw this creature float,

A behemoth? A swimming elephant?
What can that thing be?
When the cook swam somewhat closer,
He was too close to see.

And as he sat on him like a landed bird – he said:
“Why, he has the hip o’ potomus. King Potomus the Third”.

So from that day on as Hippopotamus he is known,
Now he reigns throughout the Egypt (The fat Pharaoh was over thrown).

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